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This Article is Entitled Bitching September 20, 2011

Posted by Thomas Richards in Rants.

It feels like all I hear and read from gamers these days is entitled bitching, so in response I’m doing some entitled bitching about entitled bitching.

Every time I visit a gaming forum, I see people bitching about the things they don’t like and the inevitable demise of companies they choose not to align with.

Nintendo is the first company that comes to mind.  The Wii released in 2006 and, as expected, was immediately attacked for differing from the norm of other systems and not supporting HD displays.  As with every system released since I have been old enough to pay attention, beginning with the N64; the Wii had a rough start with software.  Excluding a few great titles, it took about a year to really take off and give us the games we wanted to play.

During the lulls in software that Nintendo gave us for the Wii, the complaints that filled the World Wide Web were justified.  When Nintendo began releasing the games that gamers desired, people continued to bitch about how Nintendo rehashed the same games and never created games for gamers.  In response to the bitching, Nintendo began to pump out some really great software; releasing phenomenal games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

SMG2 and DKCR are exactly what the general gaming community demanded from Nintendo.  Both are great releases of beloved characters and both stick with what made people love the series in the first place, all while still using new design and creativity to take them in completely new directions.  As an even bigger nod to the hardcore members of Nintendo’s audience, these two games were made quite difficult – a surprising turn that Nintendo hasn’t displayed since the SNES era.

Interestingly, these two titles were readily ignored by every single person I know; by those who had constantly claimed they wanted these types of games from Nintendo, and I know from browsing countless forums that most people don’t have the greatest feelings towards these games.  Worst of all, the majority of the people who are complaining have never actually even played them.

If you have played more than 5 hours in either of these games and still have issues with them, you can exclude yourself from the title of “Entitled Bitch” that I give to the majority of people who have things to say about these games.

Lately, Nintendo has been getting a lot of crap for the 3DS.  When navigating the posts of gamers, it is obvious that the general consensus of gamers is that it’s pure shit. I know that Nintendo launched the 3DS at too high of a price point and burned quite a bit of their audience when they dropped the price, but trying to patch your wounds by giving you the 20 free ambassador games was a step in the right direction. I realize the 3DS’ library is lacking as well; I love Ocarina of Time, but the ability to replay a 13-year old classic does not sell systems. As the countless forum trolls would tell you, the lack of software is definitely an issue that must be overcome before the 3DS is a truly great system.

In case nobody has not noticed, the 3DS is not the first system to be released without great launch titles; nearly every new system has this issue.  What makes the 3DS different is we’ve known exactly when the killer apps are releasing; Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Star Fox, Zelda and Luigi’s Mansion should be enough to satisfy those who complain about a lack of awesome software.

Even considering the amazing software schedule that starts late this year – within a year of the 3DS’ launch, mind you – people act like these games don’t exist.  How in the world can people say the 3DS’ main issue is a lack of software all the while acting like this problem won’t be resolved? Hasn’t this release schedule been staring them in the face for months?

Even more bizarre is the fact that this lineup was already established before Nintendo slashed the price of the 3DS.  I would have thought that this lineup along with a massive price cut and a pretty damn cool digital game store would silence critics, but alas; it has not.

I would bet my measly yearly income that most of the people who claim to have problems with the handheld’s 3D features are full of shit. If they’ve tried it for a short amount of time, the “pain” they experienced was placebo; the mere thought of eye strain produced actual pain. I understand 3D perception is different for everyone, and some can’t even see it; but the people complaining haven’t experienced how much more substantial it makes the games. If the 3D is really a problem, Nintendo has conveniently included a slider on the system to turn it off.

The 3DS is an amazing portable with a great software lineup coming down the pipes, but this is not the issue. The real issue is much harder to overcome; entitled bitching.

If you complain about the 3DS for any of these problems and have not extensively played one, then you are an “Entitled Bitch.” It’s possible for the 3DS not to be an enticing purchase for some, but if the above statements still apply to you then your title remains.

Moving on, anyone that knows me will tell you that Sony is not my favorite company.  I rarely enjoy their games, for some stupid and unknown reason.  However, because I am not an “Entitled Bitch,” I can see the problem that has plagued the PlayStation 3 since it released.

Before the PS3, Sony seemed immune to “Entitled Bitching.” However; as soon as the system released, the symptoms began. Despite the countless amazing games released and new franchises Sony has developed, people still shunned the PS3 for a lack of software. “Year One Syndrome” hit the PS3 hard, but the PS3 just can’t seem to shake the perception that it has very few good games for it.

To make things worse, the PlayStation Network was hacked and people were reasonably concerned about security issues.  Sony responded perfectly to the situation by offering amazing titles for zero cost, yet people still acted like Sony hadn’t done enough to rectify the situation; that their FREE account was unusable for a month.  “It Only Does Offline” was a bad situation, but it’s been blown way out of proportion with the whole “My security has been compromised” bull shit.  It’s damn well known that nothing was stolen out of anyone’s accounts; that the only data stolen were your names and the last 4 digits of your payment info, so just shut the hell up.

If you don’t like the PS3 because you‘re not interested in their games or you simply can’t stop playing your Xbox, then that is reasonable. However, if you find yourself on forums or at social events complaining about the PS3’s lack of games and the security breach, then you’re an “Entitled Bitch.”

I must admit that the Xbox 360 is my favorite current generation platform. What else can I say – I’m in love with Halo!  My passion, however, does not cloud my vision from the fact that Microsoft seems to have protective armor from “Entitled Bitches”.  Like I said I LOVE MY XBOX, but why does a system not get bitched about when it is guaranteed to break forcing you to buy multiple systems?  On another note, why does nobody seem to complain about Microsoft’s abysmal first party support for the system?  I know Xbox has Halo, Forza and Gears of War, but that’s about it.  Seriously if any system deserved “Entitled Bitching” being directed at it, the Xbox does. (In regards to the Xbox I can’t help but admit that my perception that there is a lack of “Entitled Bitching” about the system could in fact be in result of me being so  engrossed in my love for the Xbox that I can’t see how much people are actually bitching.)

I’m not discouraging you from being critical and discerning with your money and opinions, but just take it easy and if you are going to publicly complain about something at least make sure it is objective before you say it, and if it isn’t, do us a favor and admit your bias.

Above all else, avoid jumping on hate bandwagons!  If you don’t like something, fine, but please don’t start spamming about how terrible something is just because everybody else seems to be doing so.  Ask yourself if the thing in question really deserves your negative attention, or are you just joining others in hatred.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if this article will actually cause people to see the “Entitled Bitching” syndrome in themselves, or if I’m contributing the disease by bitching about “Entitled Bitching”.  I guess I just want people to stop complain about EVERYTHING that happens in the game industry and just sit back and enjoy it for what it is, because it feels like it has been ages since we have.

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