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Legends Never Die – A Mega Man Fan’s Letter to Capcom July 24, 2011

Posted by Brandon C. in Uncategorized.

I am an avid fan of the Mega Man series, and have been since 1990. At the tender age of only 5 years, I was exposed to a game that would shape me and my gaming habits for another 20 years. That game was Mega Man 2.

I was in awe of the amazing graphics, stunned by the challenging gameplay, and totally rockin’ out to the best music I’d been exposed to yet. It was everything I wanted in a video game, and it was just two doors away at a friend’s house.

Then I moved away, and I was left with my own assortment of games I was suddenly having less fun with.

After renting copies of 2 and 3 numerous times from a local video store, I finally convinced my mom to hunt me down my own copy. After months of waiting and the closure of a local Amos store, I was one hell of a happy kid – Mega Man 4 was in my possession. Sure, it didn’t have those freakin’ awesome Metal Blades, but it was glorious none the less. My days and nights from then on were filled with sliding and blasting and jumping and, of course, dying.

Over the next 20 years, I played through each successive series that Capcom could create in the Mega Man universe. There’s nary a one I haven’t played.

Except, now, two – that I will never be allowed to play.

I was disheartened earlier this year when I saw a lack of Mega Man in my Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I was more disheartened when heard about the cancellation of Universe – I was looking forward to creating many many many of my own levels and challenges. I was disheartened, metaphorically down on the ground, but I was optimistic – I still had Mega Man Legends 3 to look forward to. A sequel to my favorite PlayStation games? I would finally be able to rescue Volnutt from Elysium.

Then, a notice of cancellation for both the prototype and full versions of Mega Man Legends 3 hit me like a wall of bricks. It was like Capcom kicking me while I was down on the ground, as I was struggling to understand why. The news of Ultimate Marvel 3 without Mega Man added to my frustration; like Capcom was kicking dirt in my face.

Now, I’m concerned that the cancellation of not one, not  two but THREE Mega  Man games in a single year will have an adverse  effect of the series as  a whole. Most notably, that the Blue Bomber will  fade into obscurity  as Capcom lets the character stagnate and rust away  in a capsule, never  to be unearthed again.

This message isn’t intended for the North American arm of Capcom, as I’m sure they are just as disheartened as I am, just as hurt and betrayed as I feel. You deny it, but I know why you’ve killed these projects – Inafune-san spoke out about CoJ’s practices while he was with the company, and since he departed they’re “saving face” by purging his projects and methodically kiling his legacy at Capcom.

It’s selfish, bullheaded and unnecessary. You’re not saving face by isolating your fans and consumer base. You’re angering us and shooting yourselves in the foot. We’ll remember the day the house that made Mega Man turned it’s back on us.

Do I want to say these things? NO. I love Capcom just as much as I do Mega Man. But you’ve lost a far greater RESPECT from me this past week. I see a Capcom moving to re-release Dead Rising 2 with minimal new features, a re-re-release of Street Fighter 4, and a re-release of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and I see greed and a lack of respect for it’s consumers and fans.

I loved you, Capcom. I really did. I expect more from one of my favorite developers, one that once listened to it’s fanbase and responded with well-developed games and content, not draconic DRM and cheap products.

You’ve wounded me deeply; the hurt is REAL.

But you know what you have to do to re-earn my trust and adoration. It’s more than just releasing Mega Man Legends 3, but that would be a DAMN good place to start. Embrace 21st century distribution technologies to expand a game’s playability – there’s no reason to re-release a game like Dead Rising 2 on disc – release Off The Record as a download for the original DR2, and re-release the game with the included DLC, the same with Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter.

We want more original content like Dragon’s Dogma and Asura’s Wrath (IF THEY’RE GOOD) and less exploitative sequels. Make GOOD sequels, like Mega Man Legends 3! Know what your fans want, deliver that, and we’ll be happy.

And trust me, a lot of your fans feel the same way I do. We feel like we’ve been exploited and taken advantage of, manipulated and used, then thrown away. You have to respect us if you want us to respect you.

I’ll support Capcom as long as you show me you actually give a damn about me. Until then, I don’t think I feel it’s worth it to patronize a company that doesn’t respect or care about it’s fans enough at the top.

Please, prove me wrong, Capcom! Show me how much you respect my wants in a product to reverse the decision to cancel Mega Man Legends 3! Show me you’re willing to update a product via network connection instead of exploiting my want for said product by charging a premium price for a less than premium product. Show me you want me to love you by showing me how much you love me and not just my money.


Brandon Carlson – Servbot #004416, and Mega Man’s #1 Fan/supporter.



1. Philip Alexander Dale - July 24, 2011

Beautifully written my friend. Much more persuasive than the letter i sent. 😛

Together we can bring back Legends 3!

Also, keep posting ideas in the Devroom; we don’t have to stop working on the game just because Capcom doesn’t want to. ^_^

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